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2015 A.R.E. Design Award – Spring Grill House Korean BBQ and Bar


1441 Upper James Street, Hamilton

Audio and Motion Fish Lighting installation.

To step away from the mundane and stereotypical Korean BBQ idea of hot, fiery, grilling meat, smokey environment. Spring Grill House plays on the opposites with a natural and cool colour palette for a refreshing, calm, and unconventional environment engaging guests upon arrival.

The focal fixture of Spring Grill House is a successful implementation of the new 3D printing technology creating a light installation which takes on the form of a school of fish enclosed in over sized patina corals. Wired to it is a customized DMX program allowing each lit “fish” to turn on and off according to the program of choice, either to a preset pattern of reactive to the environment by audio / motion sensor. The 3D printed lights along with the surrounding corals bring an oceanic qualities to the space and sets the tone for the diners.

Synergy found between each chosen material and light installation with patina coral encasement leaves a deep visual imprint to all guests and diners.

The light installation in the center of the dining space was created using 3D printing technology paired with a customized DMX program to mimic a school of fish’s movement, giving the space a liveliness and fluid quality.

It also act as a way finding design directing customers to the lower level washroom and seamlessly connects the two level together.

Tactility of materials chosen a refreshing and smooth ambiance.

The 3 greatest challenges/solution for the design of the project is:

The fabrication and installation of the 3D printed light fixtures along with the wiring and installation to the DMX program.
Major modification to the exterior facade to bring in more natural light and open up the space.
The installation of heavy patina corals at the edges of the staircase opening.

Reclaimed wood mahogany and old growth hemlock plank cladding both interior and exterior walls

The result is a break away form the mundane and stereotypical Korean BBQ and giving the customers a natural and cool colour palette for a refreshing, calm, and unconventional

2015 ARIDO Design Award – Abet Laminati


5195 Timberlea Blvd. Mississauga

Canadian Head Office

Abet Laminati, a laminate supply company showcases their new contempory stylistic office.

The concept is to provide their customers with a physical representations of their products to showcase the range and different design opportunities that could be made with their materials.

The space is constructed primarily out of materials that the company sells. Each room is designed to gives off a different kind of vibe to showcase the variety in style, mood and the range of use for each material. The designers were given the oppertunity to us the material in way not usually used, to be creative and to be spontanious. From the exterior to the interior of the building, the designers illustrates how one material can bridge both inside and outside.

This innovative design creates a contemporary space that welcomes visitors to multiple possibilities.

From an empty warehouse blossoming into an work of art, the strategy is to allows the customer to see and feel the possibilities that can be employed through Abet Laminati’s products. With all finishes being from Abet, the designers were allowed full access to all materials Abet sells.

One of Abet’s icon feature is the angled chip sample board. The designers wanted it to be the first thing people see and proudly took the icon chip sample board and blew it up to epic scale outfiting the entire receptions back wall using only blue colour chips thus setting the Abet’s moderistic tone once the customer first steps through the double glass doors.

In front, the reception desk uses Abet’s Diafos panels. The translucent quality allowed the for LED light fixtures to be concealed behind as a light source to fully illuminated the face and bring the reception desk to life.

Each room design boasts their own charactoristics. The back lit Silent wall of office one, the diamond pattern in office two, the firey motion in the conference room to name a few. This was done to display the use of each material for the customers to fully understand, see, and interact with Abet’s products. The stairwell showcases how one colour or pattern can be used through out the entire area from wall to floor, to custom hand rails.

The result is a highly veritly and interactive space to suscessfully let the customer see, feel and touch all the products turning the entire office into a complete functional display for Abet and their product.

2011 Best of Vaughan Bronze Award – Nails To Go


2011 Arido Design Award – McMaster University Centro @ Commons


CENTRO improves the dining environment for students and modernized the image of hospitality services at the university.

We invite this opportunity for you to gain a better understanding about J. Cho Design. Joe Cho was educated in Hong Kong and has been in private practice since 1989 in Canada. He has produced a list of outstanding projects over his 20 years of experience where he has served as the director. His projects have brought him all over the nation, and abroad. Joe Cho became a member of ARIDO in January 1991 and passed the design qualification examination of NCIDQ. Since January 1994, he has been honored as a top professional in the Mecca of interior design practitioner, achieving recognition for many works, including acquisitions of two Bronze Design Awards from ARIDO for J.Cho Design in 1999. Furthermore, he has also received the ARIDO Award of Merit in both 2008 and 2009 for his creative projects.
With an established foundation in the interior design industry, combined with passion and enthusiasm, the team embraces challenges with an insightful and efficient approach. In addition, our international exposure allows us to innovatively translate from traditional ideals to the contemporary and vice versa. From commercial to corporate, the invaluable experiences gained from tackling a multitude of project types enables our team to address all facets of the market. To date, Joe and his team have produced an outstanding list of projects within the hospitality and commercial industry. Together with his design team, Joe Cho has full confidence to utilize expertise for various design projects, not only in the local environments of Toronto, but also within diverse multinational settings.


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